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This is not your grandfather's social media site. In fact - this isn't really a social media site at all! Think of it more as your Living Legacy!

What is iclopedia?

iclopedia is the only place on the planet that offers you a way to create your own history - to control your own Legacy. We are essentially a hybrid of social sites like Facebook, information sites like Wikipedia and genealogy sites like Ancestry.com. HOWEVER...

At iclopedia you have an opportunity to share YOU with the world - and not just the world today, but tomorrow and beyond.

Think of us as a blank Encyclopedia about the world - and YOU are the author of your page!

What Can I Do at iclopedia?

At iclopedia you have an opportunity to use the power of a Public and Permanent™ to create, update, share and archive your very own Legacy Page.

At iclopedia you have an opportunity to inform your family, your friends, your future generations, your world - today and tomorrow - who you really are.

How Can I Use iclopedia?

Iclopedia is NOT meant for privacy!

iclopedia is meant to help you publicly share your talents, archive your milestones and open up doors of opportunity.

iclopedia is designed to help you use the power of technology to show the world today - and your future generations - who you are and how you wish to be remembered.

You can use your iclopedia Legacy Page as;

  • Reference on a college or job application.
  • Documentation of important life events such as a sweet 16, a new pet, a job promotion, winning a trophy, your wedding day, and so much more!
  • An illustration of your talents, activities or volunteerism.
  • Archiving a family story or tradition for future generations.
  • A way to market yourself to open up windows of (educational, career or entrepreneurial) opportunity
  • An archive of special photos for family, friends and future generations to enjoy & learn from.
  • An archive of information that you would want your future generations to know about you.
  • A way to create and control your Living Legacy!

iclopedia™ is the first platform of it's kind offering you the ability to create, control and update your very own branch on your family tree - and archive how amazing you are in real time and beyond your time!

Let's get started!